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2D Fractal Trees

Trees are probably one of the most easy natural objects to be determined as fractals. Basically every tree is the same: a trunk from which branches emerge. When you look at the first generation braches now, it is the same again: braches emerge out of them. As skilled "fractalist" you should have recognized the fractal structure by now.

The rule of iteration for a tree is:

One iteration should represent about a year lifetime of a tree.

A tree created by that rule would be a perfect tree, but of course there are some more parameters that make things a bit more difficult. If one looks at different types of trees one will recognize that a creation rule for trees has to have parameters like:

To create such a fractal more than just a rule of iteration is needed. Some kind of randomness or other external criteria have to be included to simulate reality.

These kind of fractals are very powerful. Just image how many structures are fractal like. All these sturcutres can be easily simulated by a fractal generator.